A wonderful way to start the end of the world

Solar eclipse

The sun setting outside a small window cast an orange glow over the small, carpeted room. The only piece of furniture was a sturdy wooden chair in the middle of the room. The walls were bare except for a single calendar on the wall. …


How to write an inspirational blog post when you have nothing inspiring to say

Random inspirational photo

Writing an inspirational blog post is as easy as following your standard response format. You don’t want to make the inspiring article too long. People don’t draw inspiration from long articles.

The first two paragraphs need to be packed with SEO about inspirational articles and writing. These two paragraphs will…

The untold secret about how you’ve been doing it right the whole time

Soda in a glass, because you already knew how to open the can

You already know how to open a soda can. Hold the can, reach under the tab, and pull the tab up. The can will make a satisfying hiss as the excess carbon dioxide packed within escapes through the hole you made.

What if you don’t have hands? You can’t grab…

David Turcotte

I’m a father, writer, and behavioral therapist. I write about disabilities, psychology, and everything else. For more info: https://medium.com/mr-david-turcotte

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